Welcome to Phuket

Phuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand. It is also a province that covers the entire island and all it’s surroundings. This province has many things named or associated with it. Phuket Airlines, Phuket Beer, Phuket F.C, Phuket Gazette and Phuket International Airport just to mention a few. It is a province well endowed with many tourist attractions that are sites to behold to locals and foreigners alike. Anyone visiting this province will not lack a place interesting to visit no matter which time of the year they visit.

Phuket is a developed town now called a City.

Technology is well distributed and locals boost of having modern transport and communication facilities. They access news mainly through the local newspapers and also through FM radio. The latter is mostly used as it’s faster than any print format. A large number of the Phuket population is well educated meaning that they are well versed with other methods to get information like using the internet. In fact, a very big percentage of youths in this province are said to be above average internet users especially with the social networking platforms like Facebook  and Twitter which have proven to be very effective methods to pass and receive information in today’s world.

There are English language newspapers in Phuket. These keep the readers informed in the current affairs of the province and Thailand in whole. There are however, other magazines that concentrate on informing readers on the happenings of given niches of the province’s economy. They are spread into property, business, tourism and education. These are very famous and have a wide readership by those who either want to stay informed or want to invest into the niches dwelt on.

Phuket residents are said to respond well to newspaper classifieds. Most of these newspapers run classifieds selling a variety of goods and services ranging from property, cars, cab hire services, hotels, entertainment services, massage and spa services, barber shops and many more. It is said that these residents are amongst the best classifieds respondents with around 40 percent responding to the adverts. With tourism as a booming business, hotels and entertainment have the biggest share of the news coverage in all the methods discussed above. Whether it is local print or social media, hotel owners take the biggest share of run advertisements.

Phuket province has two main T.V cable stations and more than forty radio stations. FM radio being the fastest and also with the largest mass reaching, by far the best radio station in English is 91.5 FM whom carry a lot of LIVE BBC news content along with Phuket News. The two media platforms have for a long time been used for informative purposes. They are also the best methods to reach a targeted audience with an advert so the local businessmen find using them very successful with good results and feedback. With the advent of the internet as an informative tool, blogs and informative websites have also been very popular in Phuket, again 91.5 FM are leaders in new media with their own iPhone radio application, a large online listener audience coming from all points of the globe. Many tourists and locals alike are constantly glued in front of their computer screens in search of the latest Phuket news especially on the tourism sector and Phuket weather is constantly updated LIVE in the moment at 91.5 FM. Improvements in information relaying via mobile phones, text/sms and of course all the social networking blocks means there is a new media format in Phuket like everywhere else in the world and on demand information is only a click away.